Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyTASystem?
MyTASystem is a cloud based, virtual platform for trainers that streamlines and automates the tedious administrative tasks required to conduct training classes. It is like having your own training assistant (TA). Some of these features include: Taking online registrations/payments, automated email campaigns, payroll support, student and trainer tracking, certificate issuing and more.

What is the difference between the plans and how does the trial work?
We have a plan for everyone. Each plan includes unlimited access to all the MyTASystem tools and a 30-day free trial with no credit card information needed. After 30 days if you have not signed up for a plan the account is locked until you are ready to sign up.

If you are just getting started or working alone, the Instructor Plan is for you. This plan has the lowest monthly payment to have access to all of the MyTASystem tools for one user, but does not have the ability to create training sites underneath you, white label support.

If you are an established trainer and doing more online sales with multiple instructors, the Basic Plan includes all the MyTASystem tools with access for more users!

If you are doing large volumes of online sales and/or need to track multiple affiliates or training sites and instructors within your organization the Business Plan is for you. This plan includes tools for tracking and monitoring training sites / affiliates, white label support and more.

Your data is private and solely yours and will be deleted when cancelling your account. Our servers are backed up daily and highly secure. You can export data at any time on the platform.

How do payments and payouts work?
Currently all transactions are processed through Stripe which has a processing fee of 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction. EVERY plan will have this transaction fee. Customers receive a Stripe receipt after purchase in addition to any automated communications you set up.

Weekly funds are deposited via ACH to the bank account you set up with the system for all payments received thru the payout date. Reports are available to view transaction and payment history in your dashboard under ‘reporting’.

What if I need to refund a registration?
We have self-service refund support, simply view the transaction and you can fully or partially refund any transaction!

How do I upgrade my account?
In your dashboard under settings there is an option called subscription plan where you can enter your credit card information and select your plan.

What if I want to cancel?
No problem! We’d love to help you and find out if there is anything we can do to keep you as a customer but simply email us at and we’ll cancel the plan within 48 business hours, you will only be charged a prorated rate for that month of use and all payouts will be finalized to you within one week. After cancelling your account access will be blocked so please be sure to download or export any information you need prior to cancelling.

Can I sell products to the public and to my employees/instructors?
Yes! You can create add-on products for a class in your account store and put those in the course details. You can also create a catalog in your store that those in your account can see to make purchases or create a link for a catalog for public sales.

How does the Business Plan work for tracking training sites and affiliates?
In your platform under ‘Sites and Locations’ you can invite instructors or training sites to be a part of your system. You will be able to view their courses and students separate from your account for quality assurance and they will be able to view any catalog that you put in your store for making purchases. When you invite an instructor or training site, they will receive an email to sign up for the system and automatically be put under your account for no charge.  

How can I reschedule students quickly and easily?
To move a student reservation to another course or date, find the student in a class or in the student report under ‘courses’. Click the calendar icon with a checkmark in it to be given options to move or reschedule students.

Have more questions, need help, want a demo or have suggestions? Click the contact us form to let us know, we also have detailed FAQs in the platform.